Intelligent Brightness Adjustment


Four Wheels Self-learning Matching

6 Year

Omnidirectional Monitoring

Instantaneous response; makes hidden safety hazards nowhere to hide

Low Pressure/High Pressure Alarm

High Temperature Alarm

Left and Right Pressure Difference Monitoring

One Screen Display Four Wheels

Leaking Alarm

Embedded Display Screen
  • Built-in design blocks 55 degrees angle of light
       above. Visual area is contained in a range of
       nearly 90 degrees angle.
  • Prevent light from projecting to font-end glass to
       affect driving safety at night.
  • Backlight brightness is carefully adjusted to keep
       clear and transparent at night.
Intelligent Brightness Adjustment
Four-Wheel Self-Learning Matching System
No matching tool needed, sensors can be installed on any wheel.
2min. or 400 meters

[ Getting Ready ]

Correctly install all sensors and keep the receiver in power.

[ Start Learning ]

Self-learning starts when four-wheel sign flashes.

[ Learning Complete ]

Self-learning complete when hear a "beep" and then four-wheel sign no longer flashes.Display will show real-time tire data automatically when the speed is about 2 minutes/400 meters.

Design and Selection
Low Power Consumption

Note 2032 battery of 210 mA working at 70% (147 mA) can be evaluated below